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Anker Takeover

Project type

Print, Shuttle Wrap


July 2019


New York City



When you're a New Yorker, everything moves quick. When you're a New Yorker with a phone or device losing charge, you need to find a battery quicker. Anker reached out to us for a NYC-style takeover, complete with an interior/exterior wrap of the Times Square Shuttle reminding one of the greatest cities who they can rely on for a quick charge.

Chances were, in 2019 you had an Anker charger and did not know it. They were, and still are, the #1 brand in mobile charging. But the name wasn't registering with buyers.

Anker's team is based in China, and in order to get some localized copy and ideas, they reached out to my team. Their ultimate goals were branding and how fast their chargers brought life to any device. Between calls that fit in both our timezones, we collaborated on copy that would speak to New Yorkers, taglines, and design that would showcase the various chargers and devices that Anker can power. After the launch, and after some consultation, we worked on a social campaign with influencers that involved a giveaway to the first 100 people to snap a photo of the train with the hashtag #UseAnkerInstead. As a result, Anker received impressions not only in person, but on social media, in a successful campaign that launched the company into a more recognizable brand.

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